'Breaking Bad' Stars Reunite for Incredible 'Barely Legal Pawn' Parody (VIDEO)

Barely Legal Pawn
Do you like Breaking Bad? How about Julia Louis-Dreyfus? Or the History channel reality show Pawn Stars? You probably haven't spent much time imagining what all three of these things combined into a bizarre video parody would be like, but as you're about to see, the results are completely awesome.

The Television Academy has released a Pawn Stars spoof titled titled Barely Legal Pawn, starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The setup is that Louis-Dreyfus is looking to sell her Emmy, and Cranston and Paul play a couple of seedy pawn shop owners. They stay in (hilarious) character throughout, but there are in-jokes flying back and forth with regards to their real-life careers. The whole thing's pretty great, but if you're a Breaking Bad fan, I promise: you absolutely HAVE to see the ending.


This is the first time Cranson and Paul have done a project since Breaking Bad came to an end last year, so even if the clip wasn't particularly funny it would be neat just to see them together again. But even though the whole thing's basically a clever commercial for Audi (who is presumably the Emmy Awards' main sponsor), it's six minutes of solid entertainment. Check it out:

My favorite moments:

1:25, when Aaron Paul's character mistakes Louis-Dreyfus's show for Weeds.

2:40, when Paul corrects Cranston: "Hey. Supporting is a huge honor." (Note that Paul won Emmys for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in both 2010 and 2012.)

4:18, when Louis-Dreyfus bemoans "Cable money," and Cranston drawls, "Tell me about it."

The last 30 seconds, when Paul and Cranston creepily don their meth-cooking gear … only to reveal that they run an unlicensed puppy bathing business on the side. And of course Paul's final line: "BITCH."

Also, who spotted the Los Pollos Hermanos sticker?

I like Julia Louis-Dreyfus fine and all, but Cranston and Paul are pure magic together. Please, please, PLEASE: someone cast them in another show or movie ASAP.

What do you think of this parody?

Image via Television Academy/YouTube

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