'RHOC' May Be Over for Good & Here's Why (VIDEO)

real housewivesMe oh my. On the Season 9 Finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County, some words were had. Angry words, words requiring some to grab a thesaurus...lots and LOTS of words. In today's exclusive episode below, I break down what I saw behind-the-scenes as well as Terry Dubrow versus David Beador. And Heather, Shannon and Tamra. Also, Episode 3 of Jersey Belle and just WHAT makes this show different.


Is anyone else confused about who and what started all the trouble in Orange County? Between Shannon BeadorHeather Dubrow and Tamra Judge, there is so much gossip going around online that it bleeds into my opinion of what I'm seeing. In any case, in today's show I discuss the "confess to your husband" scenes and what function those serve, what Terry may have been thinking and what I felt was a cheap shot.

There was some alarming cinematography on RHOC as well, which makes me wonder what the producers have in mind for the franchise's future. One thing I did appreciate was, like this week's RHONJ, the family scenes balancing out the drama. And wasn't it a nice scene for Tamra and Brooks Ayers? Regardless of what happens, that's one of those moments both cast members can look back on as a good thing to have done.

Over to Birmingham, Alabama, we've also got Jaime Primak Sullivan and the Jersey Belles. I took a good look at the series in today's episode below -- both at the concept of the show and how it really is a neat hybrid of many genres. Why the opening credits were designed with Luci Beavers and Danielle Yancey in the foreground and what Michael Sullivan's role is, by default or by choice. Watch now!

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