'Bachelor in Paradise' Recap: Power Couple Quit While They're Ahead

Elise Mosca chris bukowskiWelcome back to Bachelor in Paradise, which, in only its third episode of the season, is still managing to cause its contestants to fall in and out of love at the drop of a hat. Exclusive couples are pairing off faster than you can do a shot of tequila! At this point, it seems like absolutely nothing will get between Zack Kalter and Clare CrawleyMarcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul, and AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn (whether he likes it or not!). Still, that leaves a whole bunch of lonely hearts ... Loneliest of all, or at least most vocal about her loneliness?

Michelle Money, of course, who appeared to get over her briefly lived feelings for Marquel Martin and opted to target Robert Graham tonight. Too bad Robert's already visibly into Sarah Herron! But that didn't stop Michelle from making her move, planning a surprise double date with Clare. Ultimately, her efforts were for naught, though ...


Because Robert ended up giving his rose to Sarah. Whew! THAT was a close call. But err, not really, because it's obvious Michelle is more interested in fame than Robert. (Maybe not more than falling in love altogether, but definitely more than Robert.)

Still, that didn't mean Michelle was forced to pack her bags. Nope, Elise Mosca (still recovering from the major dramz last week with Dylan Petitt) and Chris Bukowski's love affair actually ended up breathing new life into M.M.'s BIP career ...

After suffering a painful knee injury, Chris almost ended up having to bail on his date with Elise. But he manned up, grit his teeth through the pain, and jetted off to another Mexican city with with curvaceous blond -- likely fueled by his player ways, which are apparently notorious among the other guys. The new couple spent the night together, and wouldn't ya know it? The next morning, Elise was calling her injured date her "man -- forever," giving thanks to all manner of silver linings and lights at the end of tunnels and rainbows after storms for making her so blessed to be in a "power couple." Aww.

But Chris was still in excruciating pain, apparently, so at the rose ceremony, he opted to make his exit, offering not a rose but a final exit alongside him to Elise -- to which she, being the hopeless (and yes, I mean hopeless) romantic she appears to be, gladly accepted. But that rose wasn't going to go unoffered! Oh no! Chris turned around and gave it to the woman he said "really deserves to find love" ... Michelle. So looks like she'll be stickin' around a bit longer -- even though Robert is likely pairing up with Sarah and Marquel may have somethin' smoldering with newcomer Jackie Parr (which left poor Danielle Ronco hanging her head and cursing "Marq Hell" in the back of a limo on her way home). And hey, you never know what -- or who -- may be around the corner. Michelle's second chance may open the doors to genuinely falling for the next guy to stumble into paradise!

What did you think about Chris and Elise's exit -- and Michelle's second chance?

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