Jenelle Evans' Confession About Baby Kaiser Is Just Plain Selfish

Jenelle Evans

Just when we thought Jenelle Evans was finally going in the right direction with her life, she's proven to us once again that she still has a long way to go in the maturity department.

While there's no doubt that Jenelle has definitely made some HUGE strides when it comes to cleaning up her act and taking care of her family, it looks like she's neglecting the one person who has basically saved her time and time again in the past -- her mother Barbara. (You gotta love Babs.)

Just recently, Jenelle made a shocking admission about baby Kaiser and her mom on Twitter. Check out the little exchange she had with a fan.


Huh? She's NEVER babysat?!?

While I will give Jenelle and Nathan Griffith a nice slow clap for doing the whole newborn thing on their own (which technically comes with the territory of being a parent ... just sayin'), Jenelle is definitely in the wrong for not allowing her mother to watch Kaiser. I mean, we all know how fast babies grow at his stage and I'm sure Babs would do anything to spend a little one-on-one time with her grandson. She has custody of Jace, for crying out loud, so why shouldn't she be able to take care of Kaiser as well?

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If Jenelle is trying to prove to the world that she's finally capable of raising a family on her own, that's great, but there's no need to isolate her baby from granny. (Gah.)

Besides, isn't it about time she and Nathan enjoyed a night out on the town without the kiddos? (I'm sure he wouldn't complain about it.)

Do you think Barbara should be able to babysit Kaiser?

Photo via j_evans8209/Instagram

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