'True Blood' Actor Is Taking His Job WAY Too Literally

jim parrack

Hope you didn't just recently eat a meal! If you're a fan of True Blood, you're probably well aware who Jim Parrack is. He has played Hoyt Fortenberry ever since the first season. In the weirdest news of the day, apparently he told Vulture that he actually drinks human blood. For, like, fun. He talked about it during the opening night of Broadway's Mice and Men, and from all accounts, it sure doesn't sound like he was kidding.

"I was being literal. I like the real deal," he said. When he was asked why he likes drinking blood, he answered, "Um, I guess for the same reason some people want alcohol? Or for the same reason some people want, I don't know ... milk? Or Kool-Aid?"

Ummm, drinking blood is the same thing as drinking Kool-Aid? Really? And you also gotta wonder: Exactly whose blood is this dude drinking?


Though it appears he doesn't need to have a glass of blood each and every day. Wonder if this was an attempt to get True Blood producers to turn him into a vampire on the show? Yes, he plays a human, but still, perhaps his mind has been so preocuppied with the goings-on on True Blood that he wanted a taste for himself. He said he indulges "a couple times a year" when the mood strikes him.

"It's more like on an impulse," Parrack explained. "When you make me spell it out like this, it sounds strange, but I just want to be clear -- that night, I was being literal. There was something about that night where I had that impulse. I guess the best way to put it is sometimes I just like the way it tastes."

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And he did indeed answer whose blood he drinks. He recently split from his wife of six years and is now engaged to Hunger Games actress Leven Rambin, so it must be hers! Gotta wonder how his ex-wife and current soon-to-be wife feel about those habits.

"It does something to you emotionally," he said. "It's hard to describe."

It's even harder to read and take in! Welp, this is all very strange news and certainly a way to make headlines. However, to each their own, right? People eat everything from their own snot to their placentas nowadays. Perhaps not for the taste, but if Parrack somehow gets some emotional fulfillment out of it, and all parties are willing, well, it's tough to see the harm. It's just funny and interesting that he would like drinking blood after starring on a show that's all about drinking blood.

Or instead, maybe you're all:

Yucky. You can go back to your day now.

Do you think drinking human blood for the taste of it is weird?


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