Chelsea Houska's Plan to Protect Aubree Could Change Her Life Forever

Chelsea Houska Aubree

Good grief. Adam Lind has been arrested and/or gone to jail so many times that at this point, it's getting kind of hard to keep track of his record.

And now that he's in the slammer again serving a 10-day sentence for driving on a revoked license, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Chelsea Houska plans to reevaluate her custody agreement. You know -- because she actually wants Aubree to be raised by a responsible adult.


A source told RadarOnline, "Adam has multiple court dates coming up and still has yet to get his sentencing over his most recent car accident charges. So any visitation is still supervised by his parents and will be reevaluated once he gets his sentencing."

Oh, and apparently Chel doesn't plan on bringing Aubree to the big house to visit her daddy, which is a no-brainer. Even if he was going to be locked up for more than 10 days, something tells me Chelsea wouldn't see jail as a fit place to bring her kid.

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OMG. Who else thinks this is basically Chel's golden opportunity to kick Adam out of her life once and for all? I mean, I'm sure he loves his daughter, but until he steps up to the plate and gets his act together, no one will blame Chelsea one bit if she attempts to take Aubree away from him.

And honestly, if she does make a move this drastic? No judge in his/her right mind is going to side with Adam on this one. Chelsea is pretty much the definition of a committed, loving, responsible mom, so there's no way anyone would determine that Aubs belongs anywhere else.

Still, it has to break Chelsea's heart a little that Aubree's dad can't seem to get his life on the right track. Even though she and Adam aren't together anymore, he's still the father of her child, and I'm sure she'd love nothing more than him to have a normal, healthy relationship with his daughter.

Sigh. Maybe his latest sentence will serve as a wake-up call of sorts for Adam. But if not? Chelsea has every right to do whatever she feels necessary to protect her wonderful little girl.

Do you think Chelsea should take Aubree from Adam altogether?


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