'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Recap: Your Heart Will Break for Dorothy Wang

Morgan Stewart Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

I hope you had the tissues handy for this week's installment of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Whyfore? Because the dark mirror in which we are forced to stare while contemplating the evils of our capitalist society took a time out for some heartbreak. Dorothy Wang was dumped by her first boyfriend, Cooper! Poor, poor, poor little rich girl. The girl is basically a woman, and she's just now having her heart broken for the first time. Luckily, her fast-talking bestie Morgan Stewart is there for her with some intense, accurate, and touching words of comfort and wisdom.

The breakup between Dorothy and Cooper wasn't unexpected -- by anyone! Cooper was really honest about his reservations about his new girlfriend to all of his friends. I mean, when a guy bails the day before your trip to China with your family, it's probably not a grrrreat sign as to relationship longevity. 


Although she was his biggest supporter, Dorothy eventually confided to Morgan that even she knew that the relationship was headed downhill. When Cooper finally pulled the plug on their relationship, Dorothy turned immediately to Morgan. As soon as Madame Stewart showed up, it became totally clear that Morgan is the BEST person to have at hand in times of trials and tribulations.

We already knew that Morgan was saucy and cute and funny as heck, but did you know that when it comes to giving tips to the recently dumped, the girl is hella on point? She was equal parts caring concern and tough love. She comforted Dorothy like a champ and in the same breath was all "girl, you cannot text him or answer his texts -- it's not your job to make him feel better about hurting you." I maybe yelled "YES" at the television startling the various animals who were sleeping around me at the time. Worth it.

What's the best advice someone's given you after a bad breakup?


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