J.P. Rosenbaum & Ashley Hebert's Reality TV Comeback Plans Are Surprising

jp rosenbaum and ashley hebertIt's been three years since Ashley Hebert's turn as The Bachelorette, and now that she's married to her final pick, J.P. Rosenbaum, and expecting the couple's first child, it all looks peachy for the little family. But as fairy tale-y as their romance and life may seem, they're definitely missing one very integral part: a reality show. And fear not, reality television watchers, because J.P. gives us hope that they may return to TV.

After celebrating his 'dadchelor' party in New York, the dad-to-be (Ashley is due to give birth to their son in October) revealed that the couple has completely ruled out all future plans for a major television return:


I’m never going to say never, but right now she and I have careers and those are first and foremost at this point. There’s nothing on the horizon, but never say never.

Hmm ... all right. He may say that "there's nothing on the horizon," but we choose to focus on the "never say never" part (quick shout-out to Justin Bieber).

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The fact that they haven't completely written out another reality show is promising. After all, the family has just moved to a new city and they're expecting their first child. Their story is ripe with possible episode arcs. You hear that, ABC?

It also definitely helps that the couple is one of the few Bachelor happy endings. Sure, there's also Sean and Catherine, Desiree and Chris, and even Juan Pablo and Nikki, but Ashley and her "winner" seem to have got it all together. And they're still popular among Bachelor-nation.

All signs seem to be pointing to "yes." Let's fast-track this one to production soon, please!

Would you watch J.P. and Ashley if they returned to TV?


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