Kailyn Lowry's Plans for Baby #3 Take Us by Surprise

Kailyn Lowry and family

Even though getting used to being a mother of two kids versus one has been a bit of an adjustment for her, it sounds like Kailyn Lowry isn't quite done having children. She revealed that another baby is likely in her future.

Ok, so maybe not her immediate future, being that baby Lincoln is still so young -- but based on a recent tweet, Kailyn has obviously thought about adding another member to her family, and maybe a bit sooner than we expected.


Here's how the exchange went down.

Soooo, she's planning on having one more, huh? Aww ... this is exciting, people! I mean, I know we'll likely have to wait until she graduates to see her sporting a baby bump again, but given what a great mom Kailyn is, adding baby number three into the mix seems like a no-brainer.

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But even though giving Isaac and Lincoln a sibling is something Kail wants, we have to give her props for putting her studies first for the time being instead of being in a rush to have another baby right away. She's still so young and has plenty of time to add to her brood, so she might as well focus on her goals for a while.

(Although if she does turn up preggo a lot sooner than we thought, that would be amazing too!)

When do you think Kailyn should have baby number three?


Image via kaillowry/Instagram

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