'Leah Remini: It's All Relative' Finale Recap: You Won't Believe What Leah Does to Her Daughter!

leah remini it's all relative Tonight was the too-soon season finale of Leah Remini: It's All Relative and I'm already showing signs of withdrawal! These include trying to mimic Vicki's peacock-like laugh and Leah's "you've got to be bleeping me" expression when she mugs for the camera. To celebrate, the gang went on a camping trip, keeping it as glamorous as possible, mind you. Leah Remini used the trip to induct her daughter Sofia into a family tradition: Scaring people senseless

I don't know about you, but I'm soooo not one of those people who loves getting pranked, or scared, or any other way played around with. I have a good sense of humor about some things, but almost crapping my undies is not one of them. Luckily for Leah, her mom, and her sister, Sofia and her nanny Trish share the family passion for a good old-fashioned scare. 


After they've finally made it to their (ga-ga-gorgeous, by the way) campsite, the ladies abandon their insanely luxe RV and explore the grounds. These include some "glamour tents" and even a cabin. This is so far the opposite of roughing it that I can't even, but luckily every person present seems well-aware of how extravagant they're being -- their self-awareness is what makes this crew so easy to relate to! 

At night, Sofia and Trish trundle off to the tent while the rest of the gang opts for the cabins. Once Sofia and Trish are settled in, the rest of the ladies scare the heck out of them by making noises outside their tent and, finally, by popping up and shrieking. I KNEW they were doing this and I was still vaguely frightened! Camping is the worst! It is made for ghost stories! Sofia may have been terrified, but she's also, she said, TOTALLY going to prank her own kids the way Leah did her -- and the tradition lives on!

What would you like to see on season 2 of the show?


Image via TLC

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