Kurt Braunohler -- The Hilarious Host Who's About to Take Over Late Nights

Kurt BraunohlerKurt Braunohler looks like Conan O'Brien and Zach Galifianakis' love child, and things are zoomin' for him. Which is awesome because he is awesome.

Deadline just reported that Comedy Central ordered a Kurt Braunohler late-night talk show pilot called Getting Some Strange With Kurt Braunohler.

Wait, you don't know who Kurt Braunohler is? I'll help ya there. And you don't think you could spell his name ever without help from Google? No, me neither. Here are some of the many ways Kurt is all up in our collective grills and what's happening in the whole late-night talk show arena.


Some of my fave Braunohler projects include his successful Kickstarter campaign to hire a pilot to skywrite “How Do I Land?” to promote his comedy album and the story of his mutually-agreed-upon Amish-style rumspringa break from his long-time girlfriend that aired on This American Life called "Best Laid Plans." He's also just done a half-hour comedy special on Comedy Central, appears regularly on Hardwick's @midnight, and wrapped a digital series with the network.

And you probably know Kurt's brilliant comedy partner, Kristen Schaal -- maybe as the creepy cute page Hazel from 30 Rock, the stalker fan from Flight of the Conchords, or the voice of Trixie Triceratops from Toy Story 3.

However cool it is Kurt will be getting a pilot, on the heels of the "who dat" reaction to UK dude James Corden as Craig Ferguson's replacement on CBS, it seems men with red or blondish hair will all soon get their own late night talk show. OK that's not fair. Men with dark hair are also getting shows.

So yeah, some women aren't happy about this lack of ladies in late night and they've said some snarky things on Twitter, the 140-character repository of all bitching. Which is totally not me because I want a woman with kids to have a late-night talk show, and I'm not upset at all because I've abandoned all hope. It's super helpful! Full disclosure: I worked for Comedy Central for years and performed on Kurt & Kristen's live show Hot Tub back when it was in New York, and I didn't need to pay someone to legally be allowed to leave the house.

But seriously folks, I still hold out hope that a woman with kids will at least get to write for a late-night comedy show -- specifically me. Private to Kurt: CALL ME. Union schumion -- if they have a Keurig machine and it pays enough to cover the babysitter, I'm there.

Are you excited to see Kurt Braunohler get his own gig?


Image via Comedy Central

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