Chelsea Houska's Ex Adam Lind Is Finally Back Where He Belongs

Adam LindTry really hard to hide your shocked faces, you guys, because I'm sure you'll be flabbergasted to hear that Chelsea Houska's mess of an ex and baby daddy Adam Lind is behind bars -- again.

The Teen Mom 2 star and (cough cough) deadbeat dad began a 10-day sentence in South Dakota's Minnehaha County Corrections Center on August 10, stemming from a March 13 arrest for driving with a revoked license.


For the record, that was less than a month after he crashed his Corvette into an elderly couple's Lincoln Town Car. According to reports, he's still facing several misdemeanor charges for that fiery crash. Oh Adam Lind. No wonder you wind up in the slammer every so often.

His most recent stint was last June, when he was locked up for at least four days for violating his participation in the 24/7 Program -- "a system in which chronic DUI offenders must undergo daily drug and alcohol testing." That probably has something to do with the three DUIs he's been found guilty of.

No wonder Chelsea Houska is doing everything she can to keep their 4-year-old daughter Aubree safe. Adam is limited to supervised visitation only and is not permitted to drive with her. She's recently been working with lawyers to reduce his custody time even further due to his "serious legal troubles."

A source close to the reality star said, "Seeing how Adam thinks he’s above the law, it makes Chelsea very nervous when Aubree’s over there." We'd be nervous too.

Do you think Adam Lind will ever get the wake-up call he needs?


Image via Adam Lind/Instagram

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