'Walking Dead' NSFW Deleted Scene Is Shockingly Rude to Michonne (VIDEO)

Walking Dead deleted sceneThe Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season DVD and Blu-ray sets are being released on August 26, and in preparation, the powers that be must have decided to release a few of the deleted scenes that will be included on the sets (along with featurettes, commentary, and extended episodes). If you missed the alternate way Rick delivered his last line in the finale, that's definitely worth checking out -- but your mileage may vary on the strange scene between Mitch, the Governor, Michonne, and Hershel that thankfully made its way to the cutting room floor.

It's not that it's lewd, although it certainly is. It's not that it references the grossest sex fetish I've ever heard of. It's more that it just didn't need to happen in the first place, at least from my perspective. But take a look at this deleted Walking Dead moment and let me know what you think. (Warning: video contains naughty language.)


The following scene was deleted from the “Too Far Gone” episode, and the good news is we get to be briefly reunited with Hershel again, as he rambles homily about paprika-flavored jerky. The bad news is the Governor's douchey sidekick Mitch is presiding over Michonne and Hershel, and as if Hershel wasn't subjected to enough indignities by the end of that episode, he has to sit there and listen to Mitch ask him if he's ever … um, "stumped" Michonne.

I don't mean stumped her at trivia, either. Here's the clip:


Yeaaaahhh, I'm glad this one was deleted. It just feels dumb and unnecessary, although it's nice to see Mitch get his just desserts in the final seconds. (Like Michonne was going to sit back and listen to that, right?) The crudeness combined with the slow pacing of the scene doesn't work, maybe because Mitch was always more annoying than he was scary.

I'll give the writers props for referring to Hershel as "a one-legged Santa Claus," though. Bless his spaghetti-Tuesday-lovin' heart.

What did you think of this scene? Do you think it should have aired?

Image via AMC

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