'Below Deck' Season Premiere Recap: The Hot New Guy Is a Hot Mess

below deck

If you're like me (which means you love chocolate, bacon, and reality television), you were SUPER excited to learn that Below Deck was coming back for a second season. I did a Vicki Gunvalson-style 'whoo-hoo' as the premiere kicked off tonight on Bravo. A few of the old crew returned, including Captain Lee, Ben the Cook, Kate the drunkard from Rhode Island, and Hot Eddie the deckhand, who is now Hot Eddie the bosun. The newbies all seem interesting -- particularly deckhand rookie Andrew who is a hot mess.

He's also just regular-old hot, if you want to be real about it. The dude is a hunky 20-something with some lingering teenage gawkiness that makes him totally appealing to the boatload of middle-aged broads that made up the team's first charter trip of the season. Sadly, for all his looks, Andrew's a bit dim. 


As the boat was traveling, Andrew thought it would be wise to leave the porthole in his bathroom open. Let's all take a moment to slap our foreheads in exasperation, shall we? Oy. To be fair, it's a bit silly to have windows that can open in places where you should, under no circumstances, open them. God knows I've made stinks in enough bathrooms in my time. I can understand the impulse to air the stink-hole out, for decency's sake. But dude -- maybe wait until the boat drops anchor, right?

Andrew seems more concerned about making a good impression on the charter guests and not so much concerned with what his coworkers think of him. Sure, he can say that his antics will make their tip bigger, but if that bigger tip comes at the addition of more work to do thanks to his negligence, dollars can only take you so far. Here's hoping Andrew's more than just a pretty face.

What are you looking forward to this season? I am DESPERATE to find out what happened between Kat and the new girl!


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