'Real Housewives of New York' Reunion Recap: Aviva Really Thinks We're All Buying Her Act

aviva drescherOkay, anyone here want to weigh in on what the hell is wrong with Aviva Drescher? There's no two ways about it: The woman is legitimately insane! During the first two parts of the RHONY reunion, we didn't hear much from her, save for a few snarky comments lobbed Carole Radziwill's and Heather Thomson's way, but wow! She really brought the cray this episode. And although it was a little uncomfy to watch, it was kind of amazing.


I think my personal favorite Aviva moment of the evening was when she had the incredibly weird, not-making-any-sense comment about how she thought Carole was older than 50 ... but tried to pass it off as a compliment. What on Earth are you talking about, sister, and do you really expect anyone to buy what you're selling? I mean, who tells another woman that she was attempting to pay her a compliment, mid-fight, by saying, "At least I'm not 50," and then tries to justify it by saying it was a good thing, because, actually, she thought she was older than 50? Aviva, you're nuts, honey. Coconuts.

But then an interesting point was brought up, one I'd never thought of before: Was Aviva's leg-throwing incident premeditated? At the time, I just thought she was having a moment of (more than usual) insanity when she decided to chuck her prosthetic leg across Le Cirque, but the women all seem to think it was planned. And you know what? Now that they mention it, I do too. There's no way Aviva did that impulsively. She's the least impulsive person out there. And when you think about the fact that she brought X-rays and had the perfect line to go with said leg-throwing -- "the only thing fake about me is this leg" -- it all makes sense. Aviva totally planned to throw her leg before dinner. Think she discussed it with Reid first or kept it to herself?

At the end of the day, Aviva is great fun to watch, but the reason she isn't glue-you-to-your-TV riveting is because it's all an act. Aviva totally thinks she's pulling the wool over our eyes with the weird sh*t she pulls, whereas someone like, say, Kelly Bensimon or, more currently, Sonja Morgan truly believes her actions. It just isn't the same.

Overall, this season was entertaining but far from their best yet. Aviva added a little spice to the show (when she was on it), but I've gotta be honest: I wouldn't be mad if they recast next season.

What do you think of Aviva Drescher?


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