Jenelle Evans' Risky Parenting Move Could Hurt Baby Kaiser

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans has been having lots of fun with her newborn baby Kaiser, and she's certainly doing a much better job with the whole motherhood thing this time around. When her firstborn Jace came along, she was still in high school and cared more about partying and boys than taking care of a baby.

Even though the Teen Mom 2 star is having a completely different experience with parenting this time (including having support from her boyfriend and baby daddy Nathan Griffith), she's still making some questionable choices when it comes to caring for Kaiser.


Jenelle took to Twitter on Tuesday to brag about Kaiser loving his Bumbo baby seat.

For the uninitiated, a bumbo is a baby seat for infants who haven't quite mastered the art of sitting up by themselves yet. It sort of molds around your baby's legs and lower torso, so they can sit up and take a look around themselves.

Although they've been very popular with parents, they're also pretty controversial, and a few years ago, millions of them were recalled for safety issues.

But even if Jenelle took all safety precautions necessary, Kaiser is probably still too young to be in one anyway. He's not even two months old yet! Pediatric physical therapists have warned that using the Bumbo too early can interfere with a baby's natural development.

Jenelle's followers were quick to point out that Kai is way too young to be using the infant seat, but Jenelle brushed them off.

"Lmfao 'KAISER DOESNT NEED TO BE IN A BUMBO SEAT!' Uhm.. He's been holding his own head up for 2 weeks now," the reality star wrote. She continued, "Yeah let me keep kaiser in bed or laying down 24/7 so he has a flat head ... Right but I kno nothing about parenting ... I guess I must have an advanced baby."

Advanced or not, Jenelle is doing Kai no favors by putting him in the Bumbo so young.

Do you think Jenelle's making a mistake using the Bumbo too early?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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