Farrah Abraham's Sex Toys Are Even More Disgusting Than We Thought

Farrah AbrahamIt takes a certain kind of person to believe that her special lady parts are so precious that others would be willing to pay good money to masturbate with a replica of them. That person is Farrah Abraham, and she obviously thinks her junk is something special.

We thought we couldn't roll our eyes any higher up into our heads after hearing about the Teen Mom star's line of sex toys molded off her own body, but we were wrong. So wrong, you guys. Prepare your eyes to meet the ceiling, because they surely will when you hear how much Farrah is charging for her sex toys.


For the low, low price of $449, Farrah's "backdoor entry" product can be yours. But wait! There's more! It vibrates too. Installments plans (most likely) not available.

If you're not feeling that spendy, you may still be in luck, because you can get the "full-on" Farrah p**** for a bargain basement $198. That one vibrates too. Batteries not included.

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Just in case you were unconvinced that you need a silicone replica of Farrah's "love tunnels" hidden under your bed for special play time, let me share with you the best advertising for sex toys ever. "As close to the real thing as you can get without paying Child Support." See? It's all just good clean fun!

Or for $500ish, you could buy an iPad. Just saying.

Are you sticker-shocked by the price of Farrah Abraham's sex toys?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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