Mackenzie Douthit's Boob Job Plans Make Josh McKee React Unexpectedly

Mackenzie Douthit Josh McKee

Ugh. I think pretty much every mom will agree that having babies takes its toll on our bodies in one way or another, which can certainly leave dreams of plastic surgery running through our heads.

And even though you'd never guess that she has two kids, Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit admits to wanting a boob job, as pregnancy wasn't exactly kind to her poor girls.

Check out a couple of recent tweets she posted about the possibility of going under the knife. It's clear that she's thought about boosting things up in her chest area more than once.


First of all, we'd all be lying if we didn't admit to being a little bit jealous that pregnancy did not put any excess weight on Mackenzie's tiny frame.

But we can totally relate to where she's coming from, and it must be pretty flattering that Josh is shooting her down even though she doesn't think her girls are big enough.

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I know she's acting all disappointed, but in the back of her mind, she has to be pretty happy that Josh finds her attractive just the way she is. Nothing quite makes a woman feel sexy like her man thinking she's all sorts of hot, so it definitely sounds like Mackenzie has found a real gem of a man in Josh. (Seriously -- most dudes would be all over bigger breasts. Literally and figuratively.)

But then again, if getting breast implants down the road will make Mackenzie feel better about herself, Josh should probably take her wishes into consideration instead of discouraging her from having the procedure done. It sounds like she's upset that he isn't on board. If she keeps bringing it up from here on out, obviously it's something that's very important to her.

I think we can all agree with Josh that Mackenzie is gorgeous just the way she is. But if bigger boobs would make her feel more comfortable in her own skin, why shouldn't she go for it?

(Don't let him tell you no, honey. It's your body, not his.)

Would your man be upset if you got a boob job?


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