'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Vicki Gunvalson Will Never Forgive Tamra Barney for This!

Tamra Barney

With only one episode left in the season, the chickens have come home to roost for this year's villain, Tamra Judge. The Real Housewives of Orange County put everyone through the emotional ringer this go 'round. That said, for all the revelations that came out of the final dinner in Bali, it was Vicki Gunvalson's total heartbreak learning the truth about Tamra that brought a lump to this recapper's throat.

Vicki, as an O.C. veteran, has done an unfailingly awesome job balancing cast members and friends this season. She and Shannon Beador got along like gangbusters even though Tamra (Vicki's erstwhile bestie) has spent most of the season trying to publicly shame and discredit Shannon for no particular reason. But all of Vicki's good-natured politicking proved to be for naught when she learned that, after saying one thing to her face, Tamra was still talking trash about Vicki's relationship with Brooks Ayers


The look on Vicki's face as the group of women sat at the dinner table that final night of vacation. She looked like she'd lost a best friend. Oh wait, she kind of just had. Oh my God, the expression of loss she was wearing. I've seen Vicki screaming in a ski-suit, I've seen her dancing on tables in Mexico, but I've never seen her look so heartbroken in all my days of show-watching, and that has been very many days indeed. Too many, some might argue. Then I would fight them in a cage and triumph because lo, I am surprisingly strong if not agile. 

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Tamra is already trying to spin things, but I think the damage is way too far done. She doesn't even have anyone on her side anymore! Initially, she had Heather Dubrow to come and kiss it better, but with Heather hearing some of the dirt Tamra was spreading around, I doubt that's going to be an alliance that lasts very long. Obviously Tamra's had her issues with Brooks for a long time. Hiding them from Vicki and gossiping about him around town was going to get back to her. Tamra has only herself to blame for the end of a tumultuous but very tried and true friendship. 

Do you think Vicki will ever forgive Tamra?


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