'Bachelor in Paradise' Recap: Contestant's Secret Girlfriend Infuriates Entire Cast

Bachelor in Paradise cast

Ok, I have one big question after tonight's episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Is this the best stinkin' show to come out of reality TV in a long time or what?

I mean, when it comes to the definition of "guilty pleasure," this is it for sure. It's totally mindless, delivers plenty of OMG moments, and is so full of bullshit drama that it makes each and every single one of us feel more content with our own mundane lives.

Um, how great was the reenactment of when Michelle K. got caught with, wait for it -- Ryan Putz? (Seriously, is that really his name?)


Can you believe that dude actually jumped out of a building to avoid losing his job? Hopefully ABC kept him solely for the entertainment value he provided this evening. (Though he ought to run like hell away from crazy Michelle. If he can, of course.)

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But by far, the best part of the whole night was when Marcus "stumbled upon" the letter from Ben's girlfriend, which turned the house upside down, made everyone mad as hell, and left poor Michelle Money doing the ugly cry.

OMG. How bad do you feel for her? She totally hit the nail right on the head. By going on the show even though he is already in a relationship, Ben took away a spot from another dude who might be looking for the real thing like Michelle. (Fingers crossed that she finds it!)

As for the rose ceremony, I guess we really shouldn't be all that surprised that Dylan's time in paradise is over. But then again, we should probably be happy for him that he managed to get away from Elise when he did. That girl has fatal attraction written all over her.

What was your favorite part of tonight's episode?


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