Maci Bookout's Sudden Meltdown Is Just Plain Sad

Maci BookoutBelieve it or not, those babies born on MTV's 16 and Pregnant are growing up fast and all ready to start school. Maci Bookout tweeted the news about 5-year-old Bentley's first day of kindergarten, and from the sounds of it, mama got just a wee bit emotional over the whole thing.

The Teen Mom star has always been an A+ parent in our book, so it's no surprise that she got a bit weepy sending her only son off to "real" school for the first time. Even when you've had kids in daycare, there's just something different about sending them to elementary school for the first time. You think you'll be fine, or maybe you'll shed a tear or two, but nothing prepares you for the feels you feel as your precious baby is led away by the teacher, or gets on the bus, or takes his seat at his tiny desk. It's a bittersweet Mom Moment, you guys.


The reality star shared via Twitter:

Preach it, sistah. That kindergarten milestone is a big one, especially with your first (and in Maci's case, only) child. They just seem so big all of sudden -- like they go from being your cuddly baby to practically a teenager in the blink of an eye.

OK, maybe not a teenager, but try telling that to a mama sending her child to school on the first day of kindergarten! They might as well be full grown and moving off to college.

Anyway, whether he's going on 6 or 18, Bentley looked completely adorable on his first day. Maci shared a pic on Instagram, and the little dude looks ready to take on the world. She captioned the sweet snap with, "my baby on his first day of kindergarten! ohmy"

Oh my indeed. Bentley's growing up so fast! We don't blame Maci a bit for having a parking lot breakdown.

Can you believe the Teen Mom kids are starting school already?


Image via Maci Bookout/Instagram

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