Banned 'Walking Dead' Finale Scene Reveals What Rick Was SUPPOSED to Say (VIDEO)

Walking Dead deleted lineWhen I recapped the Walking Dead season 4 finale in March, I wrote this of Rick's line in the very last scene of the episode: "After THAT long of a dramatic pause, I wanted him to say something so deeply and profoundly awesome we'd be slapping it on photos of cats and posting it on Facebook until next October."

I was referring to the part where Rick says, "They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out," and then TWENTY-TWO SECONDS go by (seriously, I counted) before he follows up with, "They’re screwing with the wrong people."

If you've read the comics, you know the reason that line felt weak is because it was censored for basic cable. Well, and also frankly it just didn't work on TV as well is it did in the comics, but whatever, the good news is there's a far more satisfying version to watch now. Send the kids from the room and watch the final Walking Dead scene the way God intended: with the F word intact.


Here's how the line went down in the comics:

On AMC, however, we can watch children being killed and brains splattering all over the place and zombies gnawing on people's intestines, but that sort of potty language is absolutely not allowed.

Until now, that is. The uncensored alternate take of that scene has been released, and I have to say, I still think the bizarrely long pause feels sort of hilarious as time goes on and the music swells, but Rick's final delivery works much better with the F-bomb. Check it out:

I call that an improvement on the watered-down version, don't you? I love that they shot this for the fans, but man, it also makes me wonder how on earth they're going to handle bringing Negan into the show, because literally everything that comes out of Negan's mouth is inappropriate for TV. I mean every single sentence:

What do you think of the uncensored version of Rick's line? Do you think it's more powerful than the scene that aired in the finale?

Images via AMC, Image Comics

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