'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Recap: Roxy Sowlaty Is the Rudest Person Alive

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Oh please blessed Jimmy Choo store in the sky, save me from the awkward! This week on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, we returned to join the gang as they experience the life-changing event of traveling together to China on someone else's dime. Let's make one thing clear: If someone who is basically considered one of the most powerful people in a country invites you to be their guest, you spend the trip tenderly licking their butt-hole. Graphic but true. Sadly, Roxy Sowlaty didn't get this memo. Sister-friend had a full-on meltdown! 

I get it, I get it -- she was jet-lagged and miserable. Roxy didn't just say this on the show, she restated it tonight on Twitter during the episode. Jet-lag, contrary to what Dorothy Wang may have said in jest, is a real thing, sure. It can make you cranky and tired. But you know what it's so not an excuse for? Flipping your business because a hotel employee didn't greet you by name. Oh my me no -- but it happened! Roxy! Noooo!


Can Dorothy be a pain? Sure. But dude ... she flew you to China. Her boyfriend just bailed on her. She's taking you to do loads of fun stuff and you're being the classically snooty awful American! Just wretched. Seriously, watching Roxy freak out on Dorothy -- her host -- for this total non-issue made me feel like this: 

go home gif tina fey

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Maybe the most awkward part of Roxy's meltdown was how she tried to get Morgan Stewart and her other traveling companions to take her side! Giiiiirl, if you're going to start a war, have a reason. It was actively painful to watch as she insisted the others had problems with Dorothy too and not one person piped up -- BECAUSE THEY ALL HAVE MANNERS. Say what you will about these rich kids, for the most part, they've got class. Roxy, your time on this show has been unremarkable but now you've got me writing rageful odes in your honor! Sneaky! In parting, Rox-face, I have this to say:

rupaul's drag race gif

What would you have done in Dorothy's shoes?


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