'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Baby Number 2 & We Love It!

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian wants another baby -- soon! We're talking, like, yesterday. That's what we learned this week on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Here are some other choice bits we learned this week: Scott Disick still hasn't quite wrapped his head around how to drink like an adult, Bruce Jenner thinks crack is whack, and Kris Jenner loves to get high on Gummi bears with her aged mother. In summation, this episode was the greatest. 

What celestial magic ignited the festival of insanity that were the goings on of tonight's episode? I think it was Kim admitting to her grandmother that she has firm plans for her second kiddo with Kanye West. The bombshell dropped as Kim gave her grams a tour of the unfinished house that she and her manwich were hard at work constructing. She pointed out a bedroom, calling it the second kid's room. Her grandmother asked her if she meant to say guest room. Kimmy wasn't having it. She was done playing coy. 


"I can see being pregnant again when we move into this house." Feeling the reverberations through the Earth, Kris Jenner promptly got stoned for her neck pain. I mean, we don't know what inspired Kris really -- but let's say it happened like this. The whole Kris getting her mother stoned to relieve her back pain story-line was cute and wacky, but it felt like a total ploy to detract from the bigger news: Kim wants more babies and she wants them soooon!

Get you to The Prowl and start compiling those Baby South West (for so I have christened their offspring) ideas, y'all! Before you know it, there's gonna be another adorable baby on board. I kind of love Kim as a mama -- she seems so much more confident than ever before. Which I guess is saying a lot seeing as how self-assurance was never exactly something the girl lacked, ya know? What magazine will feature the debut of the latest addition?! After Vogue, what else can you do? I say let's have the fetus host the Oscars -- IN UTERUS. #Iamagenius #donthate #southwestfortheoscars2015.

What do you think Kim and Kanye should name baby number two?


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