Why 'The Extreme Guide to Parenting' Is Worse Than Any 'Real Housewives' Madness (VIDEO)

Today's episode could have been an hour. There's SO much to discuss. We've got last night's television, including the premiere of Bravo's The Extreme Guide to Parenting, as well as the show-within-a-show on season 3, episode 5 of Kim Zolciak's Don't Be Tardy. Moving on from Bravo, we've also got episode 4 of LeAnn and Eddie, and I'm calling out #TweetGate. Not to be confused with #BookGate. Also, unless you've taken a 24-hour social media break, Ramona Singer made a pretty huge announcement.


Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann may not see eye-to-eye on how much one should spend on binoculars ($3,000? Swarovski crystal lenses?), but they can agree on how to handle the paparazzi. This brings up an interesting behind the scenes perspective -- dealing with photographers while filming a reality show that won't be on TV for months. The Kardashians deal with it as well, but cast and producers can use it to their advantage -- in today's episode I explain why.

The Extreme Parenting show has me feeling more emotions than I know what to do with. Breaking out in bigger hives than I ever did on Housewives. Watching it, I didn't know whether to laugh, scream, throw up, or call protective services. I break it down for you point-by-point -- both the show in general, last night's families, and kids on reality TV, from one who has been there.

LeAnn Rimes has a booty problem. Or is it a story problem? The thing with making a reality show plot point about social media is that you can't fall into the trap of thinking your audience is stupid ... more on that in the video.

Finally, Ramona announced on Twitter yesterday that her marriage to Mario is over. I tell you how I feel about it, as well as the implications for RHONY both now and next season. Watch now!

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Are you surprised Ramona is leaving Mario?


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