Ramona Singer Is Ending Marriage to Mario for Good This Time

Ramona Singer, Mario Singer and their daughter AveryWell, you know you’ve got a problem on your hands when you’re trying to save your marriage while your husband just can’t seem to get his hands off his mistress, right? Thankfully,  Ramona Singer has finally woken up. She’s pulling the plug on her marriage to her husband Mario for good this time.

You can’t help but wonder, what’s taken her THIS LONG to kick him to the curb though?


Apparently, Ramona’s dirt bag of a husband was spotted getting cozy with his alleged mistress Kasey Dexter just this past week while they were lunching, kissing, and holding hands in public. Yeah, that is a sure signal that he doesn’t give any flying you-know-whats about his marriage or Ramona’s feelings anymore, right?

Rather than ignoring it or defending him, this time Ramona took to her Twitter account to make the big announcement on Thursday, stating:

Whatever your thoughts are on Ramona, there’s no denying the fact that no woman deserves to be treated this way. I mean, in the In Touch Weekly photos of Mario and Kasey together, the schmuck gives me really creepy Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan vibes, and those are two men you never want to have your name in the same sentence with. Kasey looks like she could pass for his daughter, Avery, for crying out loud!

While there’s no doubt that Ramona is hurting right now, I’m sure she’ll move on from this. Even with her crass ways, you’ve got to give her props for trying to save her marriage. I mean, she shared a good part of her life with him, and it has to be hard seeing him act like a sleazeball with a woman who is more than likely going to dump him once the paychecks from the tabloid mags start drying up.

Do you think Ramona Singer is doing the right thing by ending her marriage yet again?

Image via Ramona Singer/Instagram

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