Maci Bookout's Cheating Confession Came Out of Nowhere

Taylor McKinney Maci Bookout

Uh-oh, you guys. We thought that there was nothing that could come between them given how rock solid their relationship seems, but after hearing that Taylor McKinney is "cheating" on Maci Bookout, we can't help but totally sympathize with her.

I know, I know -- he just moved to Tennessee and they're finally together all the time. OMG, how on Earth could he do something like this to her?!?

Check out this recent tweet she shared, which gives the full story.


Yep. He's being unfaithful to Maci with the damn TV.

Um, how many of us have been in that exact same position, where we feel like the electronics in the house get way more action than we do?

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Whether it's feeling like a sports widow during football season or losing our men to whatever TV series they happen to get wrapped up in, sometimes it really does feel like they're legitimately cheating on us, in a non-physical sense, of course.

But given how hot Maci is looking these days, it's a wonder that Taylor is able to concentrate on anything other than her. This basically confirms that they're already acting like an old married couple even though they aren't engaged or anything.

Huh. I guess when you look at it that way, him being glued to Netflix is a good thing?

Do you ever feel like your man cheats on you with the TV?


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