'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7 Trailer Shows Deadly Wars to Come (VIDEO)

Sons of Anarchy season 7We are just about exactly one month from the premiere of Sons of Anarchy's seventh and final season, folks. Assuming creator Kurt Sutter doesn't pad the first episode with a lot of emotional montage scenes during which we're supposed to admire his soundtrack choice (pet peeve, Sutter), the first episode on September 9 should be a doozy: it's 90 minutes long.

Rumors have been flying about what we can expect as Sons draws to an end, with plenty of folks assuming that since it's somewhat based on Hamlet, the death count will be as follows: EVERYONE. We'll just have to wait to see who, if anyone, is left standing at the end, but for now, we've got the official season 7 trailer to speculate over. By the look of things, there's going to be all sorts of conflict as the various loose ends get tied up (or blown to pieces with a gruesome headshot).

Warning: season 6 spoilers ahead!


The tease for SAMCRO's last ride shows us Jax's "violent desires" in the wake of Tara's death at the end of season 6. He's clearly on the warpath over that loss, but in the SoA world, one problem is never enough: we've also got roiling conflicts between the Mayans, the Chinese, and the One-Niners.

Take a look:

Ooh, who's Jax beating the crap out of at 0:05? Who's being buried at 0:32? And how creepy is it to hear Jax say of the club that's all he has left (um, except maybe your children, Jax), "I don't have a vision anymore." Who does he think killed Tara, and is he leading the club into an all-out war as revenge while Gemma and Juice sit back and writhe?

Also, I suppose I've mostly lost sympathy for Juice at this point, but ... good grief, how many heavy secrets can one man be expected to bear? Juice's guilt over the RICO case back in season 4 led him to a suicide attempt, his guilt after murdering Davenny led him to an oversdose in season 6, he's betrayed Clay, he's betrayed Jax to Nero, and now he's committed the ultimate betrayal by covering up the fact that Gemma killed Tara. I almost hope he gets killed off early in the season just to end his suffering.

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Sutter's been having fun with all the skull imagery in promotional campaigns for season 7, and it's anyone's guess if death is coming to the club or if it's the other way around. At this point, the piece of the puzzle I'm most interested in is how Jax will deal with his mother and all her secrets. I just want all the other players, rival gangs, and various dramas to eventually lead to the thing we've been heading toward for seven seasons: Jax vs. Gemma. I have the feeling that no one will make it out of that final battle alive.

What do you think of this trailer? Do you have any predictions for the final season?

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