'It's All Relative' Recap: Leah Remini's Surprising Trick for Sexing Up Her Sister's Life Will Make You Laugh

leah reminiI can think of few things more awkward to talk to my family about than my sex life. Top of the list? My boyfriend talking to my family about our sex life! But for Leah Remini and her clan, nothing is too much information -- and that includes her brother-in-law's beefs between the sheets and otherwise with Leah's little sister Shannon. It's great that the family is so open with each other, but I think I'd go nuts if every single member of my family was so up in my business all the time!

When her brother-in-law tells Leah that Shannon's being too much of a slob and he wishes she would wear lingerie from time to time, I could only think of what my reaction would be if my brother-in-law came to me with a similar list of complaints. First off, I would dry-heave repeatedly; secondly I would coolly let him know that if he wanted the dishes done, God blessed him with two hands, soap, and working sink. 


Leah and her mom, Vicki, however, were much more helpful than I would have been. They not only agreed to intervene and talk to Shannon, but they took the broad out shopping for negligee that she would feel comfortable in! Actually, aside from the very familiar teasing that comes with being in a tight family when it came to dissecting her housecleaning habits, both Leah and Vicki were very supportive of Shannon.

They knew that getting into lingerie -- let alone TALKING about sex -- was something she really felt uncomfortable doing. With that in mind, they helped her find some sexy underpants that she felt like herself in. You could practically see the swag come back into Shannon's step as they left the cute little shop. It may have been awkward for her at first, but you can tell that in the end she felt like it was totally worth it.

Would you ever go underwear shopping with your mom for sexy looks to arouse your man?


Image via Fernando Allende / NY Post/ Splash News

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