Jenelle Evans' Dog Stolen & Thieves Are Facing Larceny Charges

jenelle evansTeen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans may be known for getting in hot water, but it doesn't look like she's the one to blame for the most recent drama she's dealing with. Last month, two sisters Karri Lynn Morris of Trenton, New Jersey, and Devyn Rae Norman of Leland, North Carolina, allegedly stole Jenelle and fiance Nathan Griffith's 2-year-old husky. The girls were reportedly prodded by a blogger named Casie D. Addison to take the dog. And now, the duo are facing larcency charges. Whoa.

Apparently, Morris and Norman called the police, reporting "animal cruelty," as they said "the dog is always left outside." Officers found nothing amiss, but later, after the police had left the scene, Morris and Norman took off with the animal. Thankfully, they were arrested, although they both posted bond. Yeesh.


Say what you will about Jenelle. The star has her fair share of haters. But these two "crazed" or anti-fans obviously crossed the line. No matter how you feel about Jenelle, she and Nathan must have been completely devastated to have their dog taken from them.

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It's also frightening to think that not only could a member of their family (which is of course what their husky is!) be put in harm's way like this for no apparent reason, but that Jenelle has crazy "fans" who would go so far as to do this. Not to mention that they know where she lives -- ugh! No wonder the MTV star wrote on Facebook in response to the incident that she can't wait to move.

That said, this could be a sign it's time for Jenelle to back away from engaging with any of these so-called haters on Twitter. They'll obviously stop at nothing to get under her skin.

What would you do to protect your family if you were in Jenelle's shoes?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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