Jenelle Evans' Complaints About Nathan Griffith Could Spell Trouble in Paradise

Jenelle evans Nathan Griffith and kids

Uh-oh. Even though their relationship seems just about as picture perfect as it gets, it sure sounds like Nathan Griffith isn't helping Jenelle Evans out with baby Kaiser as much as she would like him to.

Sure, he's presumably on baby duty while she goes to school and all that jazz, but it appears as though he might settle right back into the routine he's accustomed to as soon as mama walks back through the door at the end of the day.

Check out this recent tweet she shared in an over-exhausted state.


Ugh. As I'm sure most new moms will agree, there's really nothing worse than being up in the middle of the night with a crying baby while your husband/boyfriend/whoever is lying in the bed snoring away without a care in the world.

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And even though Jenelle indicated that it wasn't "Nathan's turn" to do the night duty, you gotta wonder how often he actually does let Jenelle get some much needed sleep.

Who knows? Maybe Nathan really is a gem of a guy and switches off with her every other night. Still, something tells me he's like most dudes and somehow doesn't hear the baby monitor going off. (Like ever.)

Poor Jenelle. Hopefully Kaiser will start sleeping through the night soon and she can finally catch up on her beauty rest. But until then? She should definitely make sure her man chips in so she doesn't wind up falling asleep in the middle of class! Besides, if he doesn't do his fair share now, it could pose all sorts of problems in their relationship down the road. Nothing quite ruins a perfectly good couple like a good dose of resentment.

How often did your husband help with your baby?


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