'Bachelor in Paradise' Premiere Recap: Shocking Early Twist Brings INSANE Drama

AshLee Frazier & Ben Scott

Um, please tell me I'm not the only one who was totally hooked on Bachelor in Paradise the minute Clare Crawley stepped onto that beach to greet Chris Harrison! Holy shiz, people -- this show might be the best thing that's happened to any of us in a long time. I can't seem to contain my excitement about watching this season.

And the premiere was full of so many amazing moments, it's hard to pick just one as the very best.

It's a total toss-up between Lacy getting wet and wild with both Marcus and Robert, AshLee freaking the f*** out over Graham going on a date with Clare, and of course, Clare's intimate conversation with the raccoon. (Best editing ever. Props to ABC.)


And considering just how much drama went down tonight? Yeah, we're in for a real treat as this season progresses. I mean, can you even believe how bad the claws came out and how some of the girls staked their claim on certain dudes after like five seconds? (But none of them are the least bit desperate. Like at all.)

But by far, the best part of the whole episode was when Michelle Money walked in to crash the party. Holy moly. Did you see the looks on the women's faces? Just priceless. I half expected AshLee's head to spin around followed by her vomiting pea soup. For reals.

And OMG -- who else thinks she and Marquel are all sorts of adorbs? I'm loving them together for sure.

Yes, my friends, things are going to be all sorts of unpredictable in Mexico, especially since contestants will get kicked to the curb if they aren't getting it on with someone by the end of each week.

But even though she's pulled the crazy card more than once, it was still a little shocking when Michelle K. eliminated herself at the rose ceremony. Seriously, what's up with that?

And I guess we shouldn't be that shocked that Daniella was cut loose too, since she really didn't have a connection with any of the men.

OMG. Who else is counting down the days until next Monday? I can't stand it!

What do you think of Bachelor in Paradise so far?


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