'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Brody Jenner's Violent Outburst Should Be Applauded

brody jennerThis week on Keeping Up With the Kardashians marked the third and final installment of their jaunt to Thailand. After spending two weeks on our screens lolling about oddly furnished piles of money in various states of dishabille, the Kardashians got conscientious and visited an orphanage. Kim Kardashian briefly considered adopting a youth named Pink, no one batted an eye at the fact that children labored at a cafe during the day, and an awkward time was had by all. 

The most important thing that happened this week wasn't at the orphanage -- it was at the resort's bar! When Kendall Jenner felt her butt being grabbed by some gross, blurred creeper (or paid plant), she quickly hid behind Brody Jenner and told him about the violation of her personal space. Brody proceeded to be the best big brother ever and literally slapped the sunglasses right off of the dude's dome. There was much rejoicing in my apartment at this occurrence. 


And to think, I thought this trip would be physical violence-free with Scott Disick not drinking. How wrong I was! Scott's outbursts may be entertaining -- but they are almost always powered by booze and a total lack of self-awareness. Brody getting into fisticuffs? That was the total opposite of cringe-worthy. He was defending his baby sister's honor. Frankly, I thought that was pretty sweet and underlined the familial bond I'm always harping on about.

It's easy to be all like "that guy was paid to do that" or, conversely, "I would have hit him too if I were Brody and I had a bodyguard," but let's just look at the situation as it was presented to us: A young woman was violated and spoke up about it to her brother, who promptly did what he had to do to see that the guy didn't do it again -- and more than that, that he understood what he did was totally inappropriate. Three cheers for Brody! Between this and accidentally seeing Kim naked, this has really been a great sweep of episodes for him.

What do you think about Brody's actions?


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