'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Nicole Napolitano Rips Amber Marchese's Hair Out!

rhonjJust when you thought the Real Housewives franchise was feeling woefully under-stocked with high school-style drama, replete with fistacuffs, The Real Housewives of New Jersey goes and airs their third episode. Oh, RHONJ. What ever would we do without you? In Sunday's ep, sh*t got real in the form of Nicole Napolitano confronting Amber Marchese after Melissa Gorga told her that Marchese called her a home-wrecker. The gossip, understandably, didn't sit well with Nicole, so last week we left off with her vowing to approach Amber at her boyfriend Bobby's "First Responder" party, where everyone would be dressed up as policemen and firefighters and the atmosphere was ripe for altercation.


Shortly after Amber walked in in her sexy, leather cop costume, she went over to Nicole to say hi. Instead of getting the warm response she thought she would get, though, Nicole was ice cold and offered zero insight as to why. Amber obviously pressed her about what was bothering her and in about 10 seconds flat, a fistfull of Amber's hair was in Nicole's clenched fist as if she were a 6-month-old who didn't know any better. Not gonna lie: It was uncomfy. The girls went at for a bit until the fight was eventually broken up, and Amber and her husband Jim immediately went to leave, but not before being stopped by Rino, Teresa Aprea's husband.

Rino wanted to know why Jim didn't want to hang out with Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga, and, for whatever reason, why he had his hands in his pockets. (Seriously, Rino was incredibly pissed off that Jim had his hands in his pockets.) Jim wound up coming clean as to why he wanted to steer clear of the Joes -- in a terribly obnoxious way -- by nastily saying in Joe Gorga's ear that he works with the lawyer who's prosecuting Joe Giudice. He punctuated his sentence with, "you dumb f*ck." Again, uncomfy. But from the looks of next week's episode, not nearly as uncomfy as the fight that's brewing between Joe Gorga and Jim Marchese.

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So, looks like it's back to business as usual on RHONJ with explosive, violent drama. I genuinely wonder where this season will go, as, for once, it isn't the Gorgas and Giudices who are fighting with one another. I have a sneaking suspicion that things aren't going to go so well for the Marcheses.

Whose side are you on in this mess?


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