Andi Dorfman Will Invite Juan Pablo to Her Wedding Under One Condition

Andi DorfmanAndi Dorfman and her new beau Josh Murray have been making the media rounds since last night's finale on The Bachelorette, when he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. Of course everyone wants to know about the wedding -- when, where, etc.!

We don't know a whole lot so far except the season (Andi said she was thinking spring on Good Morning America on Tuesday -- this spring?), but now we know a maybe for their guest list. Would you believe that Andi Dorfman wants Juan Pablo Galavis at her wedding?


No seriously, she does. Well, for one reason at least -- she really wants Juan Pabs to make it official with Andi's former competition, Nikki Ferrell. Please take a moment to remember that Andi was originally a contestant on JP's season of The Bachelor, before her explosive exit when she kicked him to the curb during their fantasy suite date.

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Anyway, Andi and Josh did a press call on Tuesday, and one of the things she addressed was her Bachelor ex and whether or not he might get a wedding invitation.

"It's going to be a soft no for now, unless he marries Nikki," Andi said. "Then by default he'll come to the wedding ... if he marries Nikki, he gets an invite, so I hope he hears that. He better put a ring on it! [laughs]."

Well dang! I guess that's basically the same thing though as saying there's not a chance JP will be at her wedding, because come on ... of all the surprising things that could ever happen in Bachelor land, Juan Pabs settling down with Nikki Ferrell would be at the top of the list.

Do you think Andi really wants Juan Pablo at her wedding -- for any reason?


Image via Andi Dorfman/Instagram

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