Catelynn Lowell's Pregnancy Is Really None of Our Business

Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra

Ugh. She and Tyler Baltierra are going to such great lengths to be all secretive and mysterious these days, but it's getting pretty tough to deny that Catelynn Lowell is pregnant with her second child.

I mean, she's young and probably won't have a hard time conceiving, so odds are good that she and Tyler were able to ... ahem ... seal the deal on the first try or two, right? But since she was so candid about the fact that she and Tyler want a baby, some folks are questioning why she won't just go ahead and admit that she has a bun in the oven -- if she is, in fact, pregnant.


Even the photo below has raised more speculation that Catelynn has something to hide, considering it's been forever since she's posted anything other than a headshot.

But even though she and Tyler lived out their first pregnancy in the public eye, does that mean we should expect them to put this (alleged) one out in the open? Considering all the two of them have been through emotionally, it would make sense for them to keep things on the down low, at least until Catelynn is a little bit further along.

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And if she really is expecting, it's not like she'll be able to keep her baby bump under wraps for too much longer. Somebody is bound to share a pic or two of her growing belly on Twitter. My guess is that an announcement will come well before she gets to that point.

But if for whatever reason she and Tyler decide to keep the pregnancy a secret? More power to them. There are so few surprises in life anymore -- it might be kind of exciting to keep their baby joy to themselves for as long as they see fit.

Do you think Catelynn is pregnant?


Image via catelynnmtv/Instagram

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