5 Things for the Spiritually Adventurous

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Natalia, aka Nina, star of Ora.TV’s new show Be Here Nowish -- a new comedy about two sexually progressive New York gals who ditch their down-and-out lives for LA in search of a spiritual awakening -- dishes on five things the spiritually adventurous should try, if you aren’t afraid.


#1 Colon Hydrotherapy

It sounds totally gross to have someone stick a tube up your butt and pump sh*t out, but hey, it really cleans out the toxins in your body and makes you feel great afterward! Don't be embarrassed about your poop and try starting the new year by cleaning your internal closet. LEARN MORE: We explore this in our Be Here Nowish -- 'Kale Syrup' episode.

#2 Urine Therapy

Yes, this means drinking your own urine. It's prescribed by some holistic doctors to treat specific illnesses and keep the body healthy. And it's free! LEARN MORE: We explore this in our Be Here Nowish -- 'Liquid Gold' episode.

#3 Holotropic Breathwork

Hyperventilating under the guidance of a trained group is a really effective way of going into a trance to access deeper parts of yourself. You can release past traumas, and you get real high without doing any drugs!

#4 Past Life Regression

Need some perspective on your life? Maybe it would help to know, in your last life, you were a grave digger, so your problems in this life feel smaller? For those of us that want to go deeper into our past and learn what baggage we are carrying in this life, you can seek someone to guide you through a past life regression.

#5 Vision Quest

Going into the wilderness alone and fasting for days is way better than paying all that money for a fancy yoga retreat. This should be also done with the proper guidance, so you are not reliving Christopher McCandless' fate as portrayed in the film Into The Wild. Having some time in solitude with nature is such a powerful way to grow and reflect on your life and what you are really doing in this planet.

And for those of you who aren't that adventurous to try anything on this list -- check out Be Here Nowish.

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