Nick Viall Sends Unexpected Message to Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray

nick viallIt's official, Andi Dorfman is engaged to Josh Murray, and she is The Bachelorette no more. And while the couple was clearly rejoicing in their now public engagement, one person was still majorly confused about how it all went down. Nick Viall, Andi's runner-up, was unceremoniously dumped on last night's episode and got absolutely zero answers as to why. But his latest message to Andi and Josh has come from way out of left field (too soon for baseball references?).

Immediately after the After the Final Rose segment aired, where Nick finally got to confront Andi and even expose their, ahem, sexual activities, he sent a very interesting note to the couple. Take a look:


"Wishing you both incredible happiness." Period.

Hey, at least he's diplomatic in his breakups. Not quite sure Andi deserved an overwhelmingly mushy "congratulations" message after the way she handled their relationship, but at least Nick is handling the situation maturely.

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His confrontation with Andi last night was a long time coming. Apparently, he tried to meet up with her twice since the show ended (including at The Men Tell All) to really get some closure, but she turned him down both times. But there was no way to get out of last night's much needed convo, which, unfortunately, probably left everyone even more confused. That's why we definitely didn't see this one coming.

His note is quick and to the point, and if we quickly glaze over the fact that he revealed their fantasy suite hookup, it shows that he's actually one stand-up dude. Is it time to start the "Nick for Bachelor" campaign? Who's with me?

Do you think Andi made the right choice?


Image via nick_viall28/Instagram

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