Nick Viall Exposes Andi Dorfman's Shocking Sex Secret

Nick Viall

OMG! The finale of The Bachelorette may have been a little bit blah, considering we've known for weeks that Andi Dorfman picked Josh Murray to be the last man standing. But holy MOLY -- how amazeballs was the "After the Final Rose" special, when Nick Viall called Andi out for making love to him in the fantasy suite?

I can't lie, I almost got up off the couch and cheered when the words came out of his mouth. Dude is my new hero. For reals.

Oh come on, don't even try and act like Nick was out of line, because Andi had more than enough opportunities to talk to him privately off camera, and she refused.


She got exactly what she deserved sitting there on that couch last night. And the best part of the whole thing was that she had just admitted that she was never in love with Nick. She slept with him simply because she was horny. No more, no less. (Chicks have needs too.)

Side note: Who else is curious as to what Nick meant by, "that was fiance-type stuff"? What exactly did they do in the fantasy suite? (Sounds pretty steamy if you ask me.)

But even though it's understandable that Andi was caught off-guard and was no doubt embarrassed by Nick letting the cat out of the bag, can you even begin to imagine how Josh must have felt?

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Sure, when he came out on stage, he acted like he was all hyped up on steroids or something while declaring his love for Andi. Seriously, I was half anticipating a Tom Cruise couch-jumping moment.

At one point, he even joked with Chris Harrison that he's "trying to get Andi pregnant." Apparently the fact that she had sex with Nick doesn't really bother him -- or at least he's acting like he's unfazed.

Even though it's common knowledge that The Bachelorette typically hooks up with more than one guy on her season, it can't be easy to hear that your fiance slept with another dude within a day or two of getting it on with you.

Now that Andi and Josh are out in the open as a couple, it will be interesting to see how long it takes before even more skeletons start leaking out of both of their closets. They may be all gaga for each other now, but let's just hope they're prepared for the shitstorm that's about to begin.

Do you think Nick was out of line in exposing the fact that he had sex with Andi?


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