Josh Murray & Nick Viall Give Away 'Bachelorette' Finale

andi dorfman smelling her final rose bacheloretteAll of Bachelor Nation is waiting with bated breath as we gear up for Bachelorette Andi Dorfman to make her final pick on tonight's season finale. Who will it be: Nick Viall or Josh Murray? Well, if the men's tweets are any indication, the answer couldn't be more obvious.

Ladies and gents, the evidence, if you will ...


It was less than a week ago when Josh tweeted, "6 More Days," making it pretty clear the man can't wait for tonight's finale. Then again, maybe he just can't wait for tonight to be over and he can get his life back. But ehhh, judging from his more recent tweets, the guy is in a really good place. Like totally blissed out, over the moon, psyched beyond belief. Not only did he sound ecstatic to jet off to LAX for After the Final Rose tonight ...

But then, he gushed:


Those are NOT words from a guy who has recently been dumped.

However, these words tweeted by one Nick Viall himself?

Yep, this sage but dreary advice a la Bill Murray may very well be fitting for a brokenhearted dude who is probably sitting in his hotel room watching Lost in Translation and High Fidelity on repeat as we speak ...

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Okay, so it's not written in stone that Josh wins Andi's heart after she kicks Nick to the curb, but what else are we supposed to take away from this?! Damn, as if the airplane video of Nick wasn't enough. These guys really can't be trusted to keep their mouths shut 'til the finale. But ehh, ABC can't flip out too much, cuz we're still eating it up!

What do you think about the guys' tweets? Have they spoiled the finale for you?


Image via ABC

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