'Game of Thrones' Blooper Reel Is EXACTLY As Great As It Sounds (VIDEO)

Game of Thrones bloopersAs if we all needed yet another reason to be resentful that, instead of attending Comic-Con in San Diego last week, we stayed home and did a crap-ton of laundry (just me? I swear summer laundry is devouring my SOUL), it turns out that HBO released an amazing blooper reel during the Game of Thrones panel on Friday. I would have loved to have seen this in a room full of devoted fans, because I can only assume the reactions were nearly as entertaining as the clip itself, but at least it's been made available via the Internet for our belated viewing pleasure.

If you're thinking that a blooper reel of one of the most intense, dramatic shows on television would be immeasurably satisfying, you are correct. Tywin Lannister biffing his lines! Daenerys cursing! Cersei comically mugging at the camera! A White Walker falling right the hell off his horse! Oh, this video is a thing of beauty.


There's never been a Game of Thrones blooper reel before, but I'm guessing it will be a yearly Comic-Con ritual from here on out. The roundup combines several season 4 mishaps and oddball moments into one gloriously enjoyable two-minute video, and it starts right off with Tywin smoldering from the Iron Throne before drumming his fingers and murmuring, "Do I say something? Is it me?"

Take a look:

Man, there is just SO MUCH AWESOME going on here. I think my favorite might be when the torch practically falls on Prince Oberyn (I want to save him! With ... my naked body!). Or maybe when Daenerys drops her highbrow accent to crack, "I’m a khaleesi not a queen, for fuck's sake, mate.” Or maybe it's the goofy performance at the end, which takes some of the sting out of that traumatic memory of Tyrion's trial.

Or maybe it was seeing the bitchiest bitch who ever bitched look like this:

Oh, I can't choose. The whole thing is ridiculously great and almost makes up for the fact that 1) some of these characters are now DEAD, and 2) we won't see the show again until next April. Almost.

Fact: the Red Viper remains insanely sexy even when he's ducking a falling torch. How much are you going to miss him?

Image via HBO

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