Chelsea Houska Hints That She's in Love With a Special Someone

Chelsea HouskaChelsea Houska more than deserves a little love in her life. Now that the train wreck of a relationship with her baby daddy Adam Lind is finally over (fingers crossed for no more relapses!), hopefully girlfriend can get herself into a healthier, more soul-satisfying relationship.

Of course, rumor at the gossip mill says she's already found a new boyfriend, and given the super happy vibe she's been putting out into the world, I'd wager there's some truth to it. The Teen Mom 2 star certainly seemed to have stars in her eyes over the weekend with some super sappy tweets she posted.


Chels took to Twitter on Sunday night to share a song and some lyrics with her fans. First she tweeted a MAX and Kurt Schneider cover of "Problem" by Ariana Grande and said, "I love when people take songs like this and slow them down. So much more feeling and meaning." Then there was a single heart and this lyric pulled out:

Looks like this chica has it bad. It's hard to know what she means by shouldn't want it, but I'm guessing it has more to do with her past pains than anything else. It's so hard to go forward in new relationships when you've been burned before!

Whatever's going on in Chelsea's life, she should keep it up. She seems happier than ever, just enjoying the heck out of life. We'd hate to see her get into another angsty relationship.

Do you think Chelsea Houska is in love?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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