Chelsea Houska's Hot New Selfie Shows Off Her Thinnest Body Yet (PHOTO)

Chelsea Houska

Whoa. We already knew that Chelsea Houska has been trying to lose weight for quite a few months now -- but just wait until you see how minuscule she's gotten. You guys? You seriously aren't going to believe how little she is.

She shared a new selfie on Instagram that's so hot, it's criminal, where she's dressed in leather pants that clearly show just how many pounds she's dropped over the past year or so.

Are you ready for this? Feast your eyes on the thinnest version of Chel we've EVER seen.


Holy smokes, people! Is Chelsea hotter than ever, or is Chelsea HOTTER THAN EVER?!?

I seriously cannot get over how skinny her legs are, not to mention how much more definition she has in her face. This is definitely the slimmest she's ever been, and she certainly doesn't need to drop even one more ounce of weight.

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She seems to be pretty addicted to working out and eating right, but hopefully she's entering more of a maintenance phase now as opposed to trying to take off any more inches from her gorgeous frame.

She really does appear to be the perfect size for her height. And she might as well quit while she's ahead instead of trying to make an even more drastic transformation.

On that note, let's all give Chel a round of applause for how smokin' hot she looks. Congrats on a job well done, honey!

Do you think this is the best Chelsea has ever looked?


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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