Jenelle Evans' Naked Photo of Nathan Griffith Is Just ... WHOA!

Jenelle Evans

Uhhhhh. She hasn't quite hit the six-week postpartum mark yet, but it looks like Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are likely already getting jiggy with it -- especially now that we know he sleeps in the nude.

It's no big secret that these two are all sorts of crazy in love. Jenelle sharing a naked picture of Nathan really shouldn't come as that big of a shocker.

Yes, I said she shared a nude photo of him ... in bed.



Ok, so I know this isn't that risque because it's not full-frontal or anything -- but it's still a NAKED photo of Nathan. And while it's possible that Nathan is simply one of those dudes who prefers to sleep in the buff -- this pic does lend itself to the assumption that there's a certain amount of funny business going on in Jenelle's bedroom on any given night.

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But all exposed bare bottoms aside, I should probably mention how Jenelle captioned this shot. It definitely speaks volumes about her feelings for Nathan.

She said, "Can't wait to marry u and wake up to THIS every morning. #HandsOffLadies"

Aww. She's proud of her man -- as she should be. But from now on, it might not be a bad idea for her to refrain from posting photos of Nathan's bod unless he's underneath the sheets. (One slip of the camera lens ...)

Do you think this photo is tacky?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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