'Sister Wives' Tell-All Recap: Christine Brown Is in Such Pain!

Sister WivesSister Wives may be over for the season, but that doesn't mean the drama between the wives is finished! We saw that was true in tonight's special "tell-all" episode. What started off seeming like a dull but sweet recap of the just-completed fifth season quickly took a turn when Christine Brown stormed off the stage in the middle of an interview. We'd expect this from the Housewives, but the Sister Wives? Never.

I'm making it sound like Christine was moments away from flipping a table, which isn't remotely true -- but she was clearly upset. Though her polite request to leave was never brought up again while the cameras rolled, it was suggested via voice-over that Robyn Brown's current plans for pregnancy might be upsetting Christine. Robyn apparently insisted that no questions about more children for the family be asked for the remainder of the evening. 


Christine, however, was quick to shut down talk that Robyn's potential pregnancy was a factor in whatever it was that made her walk off. She took to Twitter where she said, "Why did I walk off set? It's not complicated but it's not because of Robyn wanting a baby. Honestly," she said, "it was childish and I shouldn't have done it." She went on to explain that she had to "think about an issue" that she wasn't quite done processing yet. Hm. Okay, that's cool, I respect that.

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I like Christine and how honest she is about herself. She admits that she makes mistakes and I think she's got the best sense of humor of all the wives. TLC should have a contest where a sassy blogger from Brooklyn gets a chance to hang out with Christine for a day ... I am suggesting this idea for a friend. Joking and fake contests aside, it's clear that something big is on Christine's mind. Here's hoping that whatever it is, Kody Brown and her fellow sister wives see her through the storm.

Why do you think Christine stormed off?


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