Did Kim Zolciak Reenact Her Twins' Birth for Television? (VIDEO)

Kim ZolciakThere's a story making the rounds online about Kim Zolciak Biermann allegedly reenacting the birth of her twins. If you haven't read it, take a look -- a good dozen people sent it to me, so I decided to address it in today's exclusive episode below. Also, there's more to deconstruct about season 3, episode 2 of Don't Be Tardy, as well as the second episodes of two new VH1 series, Candidly Nicole and LeAnn & Eddie.


Do you ever wonder how you make a show about a family with six children, including four under the age of 3? I discuss possibilities for making this filming process easier, as well as how Kim's assistant Sweetie managed to pull off hiring a whole new staff. Speaking of staff, family nanny Lana had a tough time this week, which brings up another question. When you are a service provider on reality TV, unlikely to be paid for the television appearance beyond the normal pay for normal work provided, what happens when something goes wrong?

Next, I gave Candidly Nicole one more viewing, and I'm glad I did. In today's episode below, I discuss how Nicole Richie's show differs from docu-soap reality and from where she may get her inspiration (besides Twitter). That leads into speculation about the next new crop of reality shows in this genre -- what do you think we'll see next, and do you agree with my prediction?

Finally, if Brandi Glanville has been watching LeAnn & Eddie, she had to be dancing on the table with a cocktail last night. LeAnn Rimes did something that was pretty indicative of her character. Did you catch it? Watch now and see!


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Do you think Kim would go to these lengths for TV?


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