'LeAnn & Eddie' Recap: LeAnn Rimes' 'Surprise' Bar Performance Fooled Officially No One

LeAnn Rimes Oh my God, this show. This week, on LeAnn & Eddie, Eddie Cibrian continued to behave as though he were the star of a romantic comedy called Sexy Turtlenecks, Sex-Having, and Merlot and LeAnn Rimes continued to try and make it appear as though her life is complex and her personality gripping and enigmatic. NONE OF THESE GOALS WERE ACHIEVED.

My biggest take-away this week was that LeAnn "accidentally" taking the girls to a gay country bar where she was "dragged on stage to sing" might be the fakest thing I have ever seen: And I watch reality television professionally, so really that is saying something. Under the guise of returning to her country roots, LeAnn and her girlfriends went to a gay country bar where they did several Jell-o shots. Because ... that is authentically Southern? IT IS NOT. I went to college in Tennessee and I can thoroughly assure you that if you aren't sipping whiskey, you can see yourself out.


It was so clear that the whole reason they went to that bar was so that LeAnn could get on stage and sing a "surprise" number. She barely -- BARELY -- pretended to be shy and not want to sing when they summoned her to the stage. Seriously, I think she just said no once ... while already walking up to steal the mic from her friend and rip into her hit single from Coyote Ugly. Fun fact: I nerdily explained that the song was from Coyote Ugly to my roommate who shuffled out of the living room in embarrassment for me. 

I don't blame the show for trying to make things interesting. LeAnn's performance was the highlight of the episode. Neither she nor Eddie is really charismatic people to watch, so it's either invent drama or sit through a half hour of LeAnn talking about how she doesn't eat white flour. I CHOSE DECEPTION. Man, they should really call up Brandi Glanville and get her butt on an episode. That would up the drama by roughly a million fold. 

Do you have a friend who ALWAYS has to be the center of attention like LeAnn?


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