Josh Murray's Meeting With Andi Dorfman's Parents Is a Disaster! (VIDEO)

Andi Dorfman Josh Murray

We only have a few more days to wait before the finale of The Bachelorette. Then we'll finally know who Andi Dorfman picks (if you haven't already read the spoilers, of course) -- and we won't be in suspense any longer.

But if you can't wait until Monday to see how things go down during the final two dates, you're in luck. A new sneak peek of Josh Murray meeting Andi's family has been released -- and you seriously aren't going to believe just how horrible things between her dad and Josh appear to go.



Damn! No wonder her dad called Josh out for being all sorts of sweaty. Wouldn't you be sweating bullets in front of that dude?

And what about the "this poor guy doesn't have a prayer ..." comment? Geez! Don't you think he could've at least given Josh the benefit of the doubt by talking to him for five minutes before making a judgment call?

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Ok -- so it's no secret that I'm not exactly the biggest Josh fan, but even I felt bad for the guy after seeing this clip. I mean ... isn't him being nervous about making a good impression a positive thing? If he walked in there all cool and collected like he didn't give a rat's ass -- that would be cause for concern on her dad's part. But seriously, pops ought to be relieved that Josh wants his approval, because it speaks volumes about how he feels about his precious daughter.

Now that we've gotten a glimpse into Josh's big meeting, I can't wait to see what kind of curve balls poor Nick Viall gets thrown his way. Something tells me there's no way in hell daddy is going to go the slightest bit easy on him either.

Do you think Andi's dad looks like kind of a jerk?


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