Kailyn Lowry's Negative Comment Is Seriously Concerning

Kailyn LowryYou'd think the success of her new book and the fact that she's whipped herself into shape would give her a confidence boost, but Kailyn Lowry has just insulted herself for the second time this week. It makes us wonder just what in the heck is making her so insecure.

Just yesterday, Kailyn basically fat-shamed herself -- commenting on how much bigger she was while the episodes of Teen Mom 2 season 5B were being filmed.

If that wasn't bad enough, wait until you get a load of the negative remark she made about why she does not have as many Twitter followers as some of the other Teen Mom ladies.


Huh? She's the "least likeable"?!?

Um ... I don't think so, do you? I mean, I'm not saying anything against any of her co-stars or anything -- but surely there are less derogatory things to say about Kailyn than some of the other members of the crew ... right?

All of this negative self talk is a little bit concerning, especially considering how much Kail has going for her these days. She's a published author, a TV star, is finally working out her marriage issues, and she's an amazing mother. Why is she being so down on herself?

I'm sure she doesn't want to be perceived as having a huge ego, but by the same token, nobody expects her to be totally humble about every aspect of her life.

Hopefully from here on out, her comments about her life in general will be a bit more on the positive side. If Kail doesn't start being a little kinder to herself, she may wind up being a lot less happy with her life than she deserves to be.

Why do you think Kailyn keeps insulting herself?!?


Image via kaillowry/Instagram

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