Domestic Violence on Reality TV Gets Too Real (VIDEO)

Tanisha and CliveWhoa. Tell me what you think here, viewers. First, domestic violence should never be condoned at any time, in any venue, including reality television. However, if you are shooting a reality show, and something happens and is dealt with accordingly, do you go ahead and show it? Today's exclusive episode below takes on relationships and marriage from two different angles, the first with FYI's Married at First Sight, episode 3, and the second with episode 7 of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. One guess as to where the violence erupted, but there was a lot of hope as well. Let's discuss.


First, let's go to a happy place, if perhaps an uncomfortable one. Could you imagine marrying a stranger you've never laid eyes on, and going immediately from the wedding to a hotel suite where you share a bathroom AND a bed? Then traveling with them on a honeymoon? That's what these three couples did, and it was all documented on camera. Well, actually, watching Monet and Vaughn, I'm convinced the cameras must have missed something.

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner

In today's episode I break down the differences between 24/7 reality filming and documentary, why (thankfully) Married at First Sight is NOT the Housewives, and the masterful storytelling of Doug and Jamie's journey. Plus, why Cortney and Jason are making me anxious.

Next, over at Marriage Boot Camp, the couples are all participating in exercises involving hard choices. Both Gretchen Rossi and Trista Sutter surprised me, and my own husband Simon provided me with some great insight regarding Traci Braxton and her husband Kevin.

Finally, there's major behind-the-scenes discussion of Tanisha Thomas, her husband Clive Muir, and their relationship. What led them to the show, some insightful editing, and the big question ... when should producers step in? Watch today's exclusive video now!


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Do you think domestic violence belongs on reality TV?


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